Europe is the most developed continent in Afro-Eurasia, Europe is one of the oldest continents in the World, Europe colonized North America and Australia, and much of South America, Europe also colonized South Africa, and most of Europe was a monarchy, until many countries converted their countries into a republic, today most of european countries are now republics, and Europe's mutilracial country is the United Kingdom, Europe is one of the 3 developed continents in the World along with North America and Australia.


Asia is the most mixed continent in Afro-Eurasia, Asia is one of the oldest continents of the World, Asia is also the largest continent in the World by both population and size, Asia is home to big countries such as Russia, China, India, and Jordan, Asia is home to Russia, the largest country in the world,  which also Russia is a bi-continental country which Russia is part of both Asia and Europe, Asia is also home to China, the largest country by population, China is one of the oldest countries in the World, and Asia is connected to the continents of Africa and Europe, which the 3 continentals form the supercontinent of Afro-Eurasia, the multiracial country is Malaysia or Russia.


Africa is the least developed continent of Afro-Eurasia, Africa is one of the oldest continents in the World, and Africa is where the human kingdom was created, Africa was later colonized by the Europeans, Arabs, and North Americans, Arabs live in Northern Africa, and Africans live in Central and Southern Africa, and Europeans live in South Africa, and South Africa is also the mutliracial country of Africa, with Africans as the majority, followed by Whites, South Africa is the most developed country in Africa, and Africa has no developed countries, just like Middle America and Asia.

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