Breslin is a continent located west of North America, Breslin consists of 2 countries, Breslin is one of the only remaining continents with Native peoples, the main languages are English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Breslian, and the population is 1,000, but a prediection for 2013 will be 3,000, and Breslin is the smallest continent in the World.

European Colonization in BreslinEdit

Since 2010 Europeans, North Americans, and Australians have been colonizaliting in Breslin, which Breslians are still the majority, and by 2013 Whites will be the majority in the continents, and in the Villarruel Domination and the Democratic States, whites will also be the majority in those countries, and Whites have been going to live in Breslin for better economy, and a better future, and this is a 21st century type of colonization, which everyone will be treated equally, this will be the last continent colonizalited by Whites/Europeans, because all continents have been occupied by countries, and Antarctica might be another place for colonization in the Future, the BU says that we need more in our continent, and this will become a reality by late 2012, which by Novemeber 2012 whites will be the majority, more before than 2013.

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